A Founder’s Story: Why Folks Creative



Michelle Hy

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Do you ever think about how every life experience is a blend of our choices and the impact of others? Some things are within our control, while others are not.

Think about it–our upbringing, family, relationships, career, and even our social and economic status are all influenced by our contributions. These contributions can be in the form of thoughts, actions, interactions with people, or the environments we choose to be in – they all play a role.

And the results of these contributions can manifest in a matter of days, weeks, months, or even years.

So when we see the Earth as our shared home, one we’re committed to nurturing, we realize our potential to create positive ripples for everyone. That’s the essence of perspective.

Perspective gives us direction, a roadmap, and daily goals towards something greater. At Folks Creative, our mission is to:

– Use creative ideas to touch lives globally.
– Raise awareness about social, environmental, and humanitarian issues.
– Educate others on the branding process.
– Use creativity to make massive impact.

Now, if you’ve been following closely, you might guess that this is the short version of why Folks Creative came into being.

Ideas don’t just materialize out of thin air; they often start with a simple thought like ‘I want to create something.’ But turning these ideas into reality requires internal work and, importantly, time.

Folks Creative wasn’t built overnight. I’m not just talking about the technical execution of planning, strategizing, or building the brand. It’s a result of my 33 years of living.

Growing up wasn’t always easy. My family and I grew up poor but we managed. Living through struggles and discomfort allowed me to approach life with empathy and connection.

I wish no one had to experience such hardships, but on the flip side, it became my superpower – a means to connect with others seeking support and resources.

If you asked teenage Michelle about her aspirations, she might have said something like, ‘I want to start a nonprofit someday, but I also love art and design.’

All throughout high school, I dedicated a lot of time to community service. I witnessed firsthand the impact of change when people come together for a common cause.

Whether it was through leadership development, academics, or community service, what we were truly doing was making these opportunities and experiences accessible to those who needed them most. That in itself was a powerful thing.

Despite my deep passion for philanthropy work, I chose to pursue a degree in Arts. I still felt a responsibility towards my community work, and even more so, I began contemplating my global responsibilities.

After graduation, I dove headfirst into the workforce, landing incredible opportunities in corporate, entertainment and independent agencies.

Yet, that fulfillment I was looking for kept chipping away at me slowly.

Throughout my professional career, I focused on refining not only my creative abilities but also essential life skills in communication, community, and building because I believed that’s where I could make the most impactful contributions.

A few years back, I went through a bad case of burnout which ultimately led the decision to take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

It was a decision born out of necessity, a way to motivate myself to start building what I had always talked about. It was a scary decision, but ultimately the best one.

Had I not spent those years navigating the creative industry, I wouldn’t have had the experience to stand behind what Folks Creative is today. It’s the perfect blend of my two greatest passions: Creativity and Impact.

Folks Creative has been shaped by every lived experience, the highs, lows, and everything in between.

Entrepreneurship is an incredible journey, but often times hard and lonely.

I spent a good portion of the year meticulously planning this rebrand, reimagining the future of my business, and finding the best ways to offer guidance for positive impact. Reminding myself everyday I can do hard things.

These experiences, the skills I was able to develop and the network I’ve cultivated over the past 33 years, now allow me to be a support for others.

Over the years, I’ve had countless ideas. Some succeeded, some failed, and some never even got off the ground. But let me tell you, this feels right and I’ve never been prouder.

I genuinely can’t wait to continue our partnerships and welcome new opportunities.

Thank you for being here.

To friends, family, and past colleagues reading this: thank you for being a part of my story.

– Michelle

Founder and Creative Director of Folks Creative

A Founder’s Story: Why Folks Creative

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