How Doing Good Makes You Money?



Michelle Hy

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Do you want to know how doing good makes you money? 💰✨

Your company’s social impact plays a significant role in the buying behaviors of your target customers.

From the way we evaluate daily business operations to the things we choose to purchase, social impact is becoming more and more important to people.

How you wonder?

These days we’re more conscious than ever about aligning ourselves with brands and causes that truly reflect our values.

✦ If instead of just buying a meal, you could feed yourself and someone in need – why not?

✦ If instead you could spend your time working for a company that generates profits and doing good – why not?

People want to make an impact through the work they do and what they buy into.

And not to mention in the wake of a global pandemic, many of us had to reimagine both our personal and work life.

More than ever, we’re focused on the important things in life like our health 🍎, relationships 👥, growth 📈, and purpose 🎯

Purpose can be used as a powerful tool. 💪🏼

Purpose can help elevate brand value, gain awareness, boost sales, and drive engagement.

There’s a current shift happening in consumer spending right now.

More purpose-driven and sustainable brands are putting social impact at the forefront of their work.

But why doing good works?

It starts with the individual’s need for purpose.

People care about having a purpose and taking part in something greater than themselves.

Integrating social impact into business, employees and customers can fulfill their needs for purpose through daily routines.

Inspiration comes from serving other people and standing for something beyond typical business operations.

You’re creating an opportunity for daily tasks to have more meaning in the world at large.

We often forget that people stand behind brands.

Nowadays, people are looking to fulfill their purpose beyond functional benefits and profits.

As a result, companies are taking social stands in obvious ways.

☞ Just like how TOMS’s one-for-one program donates shoes and other goods for every product the company sells.

☞ Just like how outdoor apparel and lifestyle brand Patagonia minimizes its impact on the environment with its commitment to sustainable practices.

Because people gravitate towards socially impactful shopping opportunities, brands see more sales when doing good.

This emotional connection drives desired word-of-mouth marketing. 🗣🗣

We’re constantly looking to support each other as we experience these shifts in purpose together.

✦ Start with your WHY ✦

How Doing Good Makes You Money?

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