How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Professional Designer or Agency



Michelle Hy

Don’t hire a designer at the wrong time.

You’ll end up wasting your time & money.

We all want a designer who’s creative, experienced, fast, and has a killer portfolio. Whatever it is, most of the time we get it wrong. And that’s alright.

Then comes the frustration of not finding that all-in-one designer.

Every growing organization hits distinct stages in building their brand.

And here’s the thing – timing is everything.

Knowing when to hire the right designer to support your growth is crucial. Making the right move at the wrong time can either slow your progress or drain your resources.

There are so many designers out there right now with all types of skill sets.

There are designers charging top dollar with little to no experience.

Then there are those designers who label themselves as “Visual Designers”, “Brand Designers”, “Graphic Designers”, “Product Designers” or “UX/UI Designers”

So, how do you choose?

Understanding your organization’s growth stages can help you pinpoint the right time to tap into the design expertise you need.

🌱 Conception Phase (0-2 years)
Consider hiring Freelance Designers: these are individuals who can help translate your ideas into tangible visuals or prototypes.

🚀 Birth / Startup Phase (2-5 years)
Consider hiring Freelance Graphic Designers: these are professionals who can create your brand visuals like logos and initial marketing materials.

📈 Growth & Stability Phase (5-10 years)
Consider hiring Design Agencies: as you expand, partner with design agencies who can handle more comprehensive branding, marketing campaigns, and your website needs.

🏆 Maturity Phase (10-15 years)
Consider hiring an In-House Design Team or Established Design Agencies: you may benefit from building an in-house design team or partner with design agencies who can maintain and evolve your brand identity and needs.

🌟 Arriving & Thriving Phase (15+ years)
Consider hiring Specialized Design Agencies: for organizations reaching this stage, you might work with design consultants or agencies who focus on long-term planning and innovation to guide your team through expansion.

Taking a moment to evaluate where you are will help you make smarter decisions, saving you valuable time, money, and resources in the long run.

How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Professional Designer or Agency

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